Got a few hours on the weekend? Do YOU know someone who can be committed to our mission of welcome. The Building Support Coordinator will assist with opening and setting up the building. Interested in joining the team? Email for more information.  See Building & Maintenance Coordinator Job Description 22 HERE 

Parishioner Milestones: May-September

Baptisms:  Alice, daughter of Peter and Emily) Kutil; Owen, son of Iain Prendergast and Meghan Gwinn;  Roman, son of Anthony and Mary Mauro; Layla, daughter of Sara and Joe Gifford; Akila Malaika, daughter of Nancy and Alain Rwage Marriages: Michelle, daughter of parishioners Steve and Denise Tononi, to Connor Courtney Emily Raymond/James McGovern Michael Harrison/Rachel [...]

All Souls’ Day of Remembrance — Submit the Name of Your Loved One

In our Catholic tradition, November is the month for remembering the communion of life that we have with our beloved deceased. We will have our parish commemoration of the departed on Sunday,November 6 at our 11:00 am mass. If you have lost a loved one within the past year we invite you to participate personally in [...]

What’s the latest buzz about our Sunday evening mass?

We are almost halfway through our trial period of resuming the Sunday evening mass. Thank you to those who have shared feedback with us about the Sunday evening Mass time. We are committed to taking your experiences and concerns into consideration as we continue to contemplate our schedule of liturgies. Following August 28 the Sunday evening [...]

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