Pastor’s Pen 8.5.22

Behind the Scenes Because it’s the summer vacation season, you may think there’s nothing much happening in the parish, but in fact there is plenty to keep us busy – but somewhat “behind the scenes.” Several parish committees have been formed and are at work planning for our 175th Anniversary in 2023. Due to the [...]

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Pastor’s Pen 7.22.22

Celebrations! Don’t miss this one: July 31 is the feast day of the founder of the Jesuits, St. Ignatius of Loyola; since it falls on a Sunday this year, we will celebrate the feast in grand style. We will have many guests at our Sunday mass, who will also join us for a special reception [...]

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Pastor’s Pen 7.8.22

Many thanks to all those who helped make our parish feast day liturgy and picnic such a wonderful celebration for our 174th Anniversary on June 26! One year ago, Pope Francis introduced a new day of special prayer on the Church’s calendar: the World Day for Grandparents and Elderly. I would like to invite our [...]

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Pastor’s Pen 6.17.22

Important Days, Important Developments                 A number of holy days and holidays are upon us, and each one signifies important developments for us. This Sunday, June 19, is a three-for-one! Corpus Christi                 Known popularly as “Corpus Christi” (Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ), this Sunday’s liturgical feast began in the [...]

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Pastor’s Pen 6/3/22

Pentecost! We have arrived at the great feast of Pentecost, the culmination of the Easter Season, and in a certain perspective, the high point of the entire liturgical year. Why do I call it a “culmination”? The point, the purpose, and the power of the Resurrection that we celebrate at Easter is the gift of [...]

Pastor’s Pen 5/20/22

7:00 PM Mass Ad Experimentum                 I’ll explain what that Latin means in a moment! Before the Covid interruption of our Sunday evening mass, July and August had been the period of highest attendance, so with the arrival of summer just around the corner we will begin celebrating a 7:00PM Sunday Mass ad experimentum on [...]

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