What is a Strategic Plan?

A Strategic Plan communicates a guiding vision and sense of direction for the Parish to its members, staff, friends and benefactors. While it is a living document subject to ongoing revision, it sets priorities and guides day-to-day decisions for professional staff and lay volunteer parish leaders alike. Culminating two years of development, it includes the Parish Mission Statement, Vision Statements, Goals articulating the Visions, and Strategies with timelines to achieve those Goals.                     Please scroll to bottom for downloadable current versions of the Plan.

Mission Statement

Ss. Peter & Paul Jesuit Parish is a diverse Catholic community, located in a historic church in the heart of downtown, and engaged in today’s revival of the city. We reach out and invite all to join us. Transformed by our liturgy and committed to prayer and a spirituality of service in the Jesuit tradition, we live as men and women for others in the Spirit of Jesus.

Parish Characteristics

Ss. Peter & Paul Jesuit, a Parish of the Archdiocese of Detroit, is unique in several ways:

  • It is a Jesuit Parish grounded in Ignatian Spirituality – a service oriented spirituality for everyday life knowing God is present in our world and active in our lives.
  • It is a historic church located in the heart of downtown Detroit, serving a unique population and dedicated to the renewal of a great city.
  • It has a special commitment to the needs of the poor and homeless manifest in the Pope Francis Center and outreach programs.
  • It strives to increase our diverse membership that is inclusive and welcoming.

Vision & Goals

I – Liturgy

Shaped by its Jesuit tradition, liturgy at SsP&P will provide an experience of Christ present in the community with the power to engage and transform the people and cultures in the heart of Detroit.

  • The fundamental elements of the liturgy will be strategically chosen, dramatically presented with dignity and clarity and powerfully experienced with the “full, active, and conscious participation” of the congregation (Vatican II, Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, 14).
  • Drawn to SsP&P by the beauty of its church, the strength of its mission, the power of the preaching and the impact of the liturgy, parishioners and visitors strive to become disciples and coworkers, alongside public and private leadership, in the redevelopment of the city.
  • All facets of Liturgy – music, ritual actions, spoken and visual communication – will endeavor to address a population that is dedicated to the cultural, educational, and economic future of the city.
  • Visitors will be welcomed, have questions answered, be given materials for the service of the day and invited to join and engage in fellowship and other ministries of the Parish.
  • The beauty and history of the church building will be enhanced, respected and used to its fullest to draw people into worship, fellowship and discipleship, sharing the treasure of Jesuit spiritual leadership.

II – Community Growth

SsP&P will be widely recognized in the greater Detroit area as a place where people are invited and welcomed, in the Jesuit tradition, to grow in spirituality; and as a community of involved people, dedicated to building and promoting their urban church and the city.

  • Promote and increase membership, including participation and financial support to achieve the Parish Mission utilizing a comprehensive Marketing Plan.
  • Improve the technological systems necessary to support the Marketing Plan, facilitate and broaden connections among the staff and faith community and expand the church’s reach.
  • Introduce the parish to new residents living downtown, midtown and the east riverfront.
  • Develop and implement spiritual, formational and service programming tailored to young adults
  • Offer a variety of spiritual growth opportunities and choices that will appeal to a broad population- in prayer, education, spiritual activities and retreats, with both general and Jesuit-specific themes.
  • Offer pastoral care and other opportunities for parishioners and the community to feel welcomed, where relationships can grow and be nurtured.

III – Finance

SsP&P will achieve financial security and become a self-sustaining parish to better serve its community.

  • Develop and implement Financial Plans that support parish development and growth.
  • Ensure transparent financial reporting and communication of financial matters.
  • Establish communications plan to cultivate stewardship and seek financial support among parishioners and benefactors.
  • Assure appropriate institutional and financial support from both the Archdiocese of Detroit and Jesuit Province.

IV – Buildings & Grounds

SsP&P will maintain its historically significant buildings and grounds and provide a physical environment that is comfortable and inviting.

  • Budget and implement ongoing repair and maintenance of Parish facilities.
  • Plan, budget and implement a welcoming and beautiful environment including the courtyard and interior/exterior of the church.
  • Catalog, conserve, and display the church’s art and historical artifacts.
  • Coordinate with the Liturgy Committee to provide enhancements to the church environment throughout the liturgical seasons.

V – Parish Planning

SsP&P will be a mission-focused parish, striving continuously for improvement and growth in its capacity to proclaim and live the Gospel.

  • Parish Pastoral Council supports the pastoral staff in forming and pursuing a pastoral vision and plan that addresses the fulfillment of the parish mission.
  • Parishioner leadership fosters the spiritual growth and development of the parish by inviting and engaging all people to a full and active life of faith.


Dozens of Strategies have been identified to realize the Vision and Goals within a 3-year timeline, and several have been successfully completed.

How can I learn more and become involved ?

Success in achieving our Visions and Goals requires the support of Parishioners, friends and benefactors. All are encouraged to study the Strategic Plan, reflect on the Goals and Strategies, raise questions and decide where and how you can assist. Contact us if you want to become involved and contribute your talents. The Parish Pastoral Council and the Parish Support Team will also be providing ways for more parishioners to become more fully engaged.

Progress Report & Update – Jan. 2017
Printable Plan Summary
Strategic Plan – Full Detail – Updated Jan. 2017