Here we are… 5,768 days since I first stepped inside this holy place. I could tell you about the challenges of my first years here, or I could share the many moments of celebration, but you already know about those times.  You were there!  We experienced it together. Thank you for being a companion during personal and professional moments of trial and triumph for me and my family on this journey.


I have been privileged to experience God’s grace in the tearful faces of bereaved families saying good-bye to their loved ones, the excitement of families extending their legacy through the sacraments, and in the incredible strength, determination and confidence of this congregation. It’s been an honor to work with parishioners and colleagues on special projects like the installation of the homeless Jesus statue on Jefferson and renovations like rebuilding the warming center that were personally transformative. These permanent symbols of love prove to our neighbors that the Eucharist is alive – through compassion, service, and commitment to welcoming everyone to this place.


There is no place like this. The building is pretty special, but all of you have made it home. Your dedication to serving others, supporting each other, and building a strong, welcoming community has been truly inspiring. My prayer for all of us now is that this spirit of fellowship and companionship will shine in our relationships with others we encounter for decades to come.


–  Lydia


“If you are not willing to shed something you care deeply about, you cannot go to the next level.” – Steve Harvey