Through the 3rd Quarter of the 2023 fiscal year, parish operations show a net deficit of $147,075.    When $152,389 in gross 2022-23 GIVE Appeal donations are considered, our financial results for parish operations show total net income of $5,314 through March 31, 2023.  Reimbursements of $16,332 owed to the church for March are not noted in the chart but will augment the positive bottom line.

3rd Quarter results follow a pattern also seen in the 2nd quarter:  revenue is well above budgeted projections due to healthy weekly offertory donations and steady wedding stipends; ordinary church expenditures are managed at or near budgeted levels.  Total church expenditures for the 3rd Quarter, however, are above budget.  Nearly all of the variance is attributable to $36,441.34 in unbudgeted costs incurred for events surrounding our 175th Anniversary celebration, reported under the Administration line.  We have planned that these costs will be offset by income from the anniversary events and savings reserved for this purpose.

Our 2022-23 GIVE Appeal ended on March 31.  We are extremely grateful to our donors for their generosity as we again exceeded our annual goal.  A new GIVE Appeal will be launched in June.

Thank you for your ongoing financial support of our parish.

Ss. Peter & Paul Finance Council –   Mary Gresens    Greg Ridella    Bat Seymour