Pastor’s Pen – January 6, 2023


Looking Back, Looking Forward

Looking ahead, we have a number of events coming up that merit your engagement. Our first-ever gathering for young couples engaged or married in the last several years will take place around St. Valentine’s Day on Thursday evening, February 16. This will be a lovely “night out” for couples to have time with each other and connect with the parish community of their peers who are at a similar point in their lives. More information later; but for now, young couples please save the date!

Before the next edition of this newsletter, our nation will celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., on January 16. See this eNews for information about this commemoration and the January 19th service activity with Mosaic Youth being offered by our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee.  All this is prelude to February, Black History Month, which invites us to focus on one of the great religious and moral imperatives of our time: to grow in appreciation and understanding of African-American culture, and of the pressing need to continue the work of anti-racism, heal the wounds of slavery, and counter the dangerous currents of white supremacy in our society.

This coming Sunday the feast of the Epiphany brings to a close this year’s Christmas Season. As throughout Advent, the prophet Isaiah once again provides the First Reading – a vision of hope and confidence in the restoration of Jerusalem after the return of the people from exile in various foreign lands. Its images prefigure the Magi (the “Three Kings”) who come from foreign lands to Jerusalem looking for the new-born Christ. These images speak to us in turn of the Good News of God’s love and welcome for all peoples and cultures.


Now, a glance back. A huge THANK YOU to the many who made possible our Christmas and New Year’s liturgical celebrations… from decorators and communion ministers, to greeters, musicians and choir members.  I also want to say thanks on behalf of us all to our dedicated staff who do behind-the-scenes work for our liturgies, not only on the big feasts but on every Sunday through out the year. Thanks also to those who made financial contributions; due to your generosity we met our ambitious budget goal for the Christmas collection!  The reality is that none of our parish life would be possible without your financial giving that provides the foundation for everything.

Over the holidays, two of our parish couples celebrated their 50th wedding anniversaries: Kris and Richard Sbaschnig, and Helen and Mike Peters. I want to take a moment here to acknowledge them publicly and thank them for the witness of their fidelity not only to each other, but to God and to their faith, expressed through their commitments in the parish. Our community would not be what it is without all they have done and given over the years.

Speaking of God… I might have begun my expression of gratitude by turning first of all to God, without whom we would not be here, and to Jesus, whose self-gift to us through his life, death and resurrection makes his birth something worth celebrating at Christmas! Similarly, both of our anniversary couples in their celebrations clearly gave thanks to God who has been at the center of their lives and their marriages, and who gave them the gift of each other and the gift of their love and fidelity throughout the years.  Their marriages are truly sacraments of the presence of Christ among us that prompt us all to contemplate and celebrate the Christ-mass presence of divine Love in all our lives.