• Alice, daughter of Peter and Emily) Kutil;
  • Owen, son of Iain Prendergast and Meghan Gwinn; 
  • Roman, son of Anthony and Mary Mauro;
  • Layla, daughter of Sara and Joe Gifford;
  • Akila Malaika, daughter of Nancy and Alain Rwage


  • Michelle, daughter of parishioners Steve and Denise Tononi, to Connor Courtney
  • Emily Raymond/James McGovern
  • Michael Harrison/Rachel Beger
  • Angelica Radzioch/Kyle Anderson
  • Samuel D’Andrea/Victoria Bliss
  • Mary Catherine Costello to Yashvir Kumar
  • Timothy Moore/Emily Scraba
  • Kurt Nagl/Lauren Mitchell
  • Ramon Sarraga/Laurie Reeves
  • Rahul D’Mello/Christina Begres
  • John Coleman/Rachel Tomassi
  • Florence Acebedo/Marxhejs Caushi *Nuptials upcoming on 9/30!

In Remembrance:

  • Mary K Piper
  • Paul Teranes
  • Caroline Goyette
  • Patricia Campbell