Pastor’s Pen – September 9, 2022


The passing of Labor Day brings news of many upcoming parish activities and events to share.  Even if some of these don’t pertain directly to you, it’s good for everyone to be aware of what’s happening in our community, so please look over all that’s below.  You can find details and contact information about each of the following items in separate notices in this newsletter.

Christian Initiation. Let’s begin with our core mission – sharing the good news of God’s love as shown to us in Jesus.  If you know of anyone who might be interested in exploring and learning about our faith and the Catholic church, now is the time to contact me (either yourself, or the interested person) to discuss participation in our program.  This applies also to anyone who is already Catholic but may want to complete their Confirmation or First Communion or update their faith-understanding.

Young Families. We have many little ones among us now whose parents want them also to learn about their faith.  We will have a gathering of families with young children on October 9 after Sunday mass to discuss in earnest the development of children’s programs, as well as support for parents.  We’ll consider both Children’s Liturgy of the Word, and the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd.

Season of Creation. Pope Francis, along with other leaders of the Christian churches, is calling us all to find God in a greater care for creation and our environment.  He invites the whole church to enter into the Season of Creation (Sept 1-Oct 4), a time for growing in awareness of the urgent needs in this area, and, moved by the Spirit of Jesus, to develop plans to take action. Our parish “Green Team” is presenting a rich array of options for our engagement each Sunday this month; please watch for the notices, learn more, and get involved! Many say this is the most dire and urgent issue facing our whole human race at this time.

October 16 Sunday Mass. Due to the Detroit Marathon, as in previous years, it is not possible for us to have mass here on Sunday, Oct. 16 – but this year we are going to have a splendid alternative!  Our parish mass will take place at Gesu Church, our partner in the newly-formed Jesuit Family of Parishes.  Our Regional Bishop Hanchon will preside and formally “install” myself along with Frs. Snow and Door from Gesu in our roles of service to the Family. Our own Julie Berra is overseeing the planning of the liturgy and music for our combined choirs!  Mass will be followed by a reception, an important first opportunity for the parishioners of both parishes to get acquainted with one another.  MARK THE DATE on your calendars – we need everyone to come to the celebration at Gesu on Sunday, October 16, at 10:30 AM.

Sneaker Mass. Of course if you’re a runner – or a runner’s fan – you may want to come the previous evening to our annual “Blessing of the Sneakers Mass” for those involved in the Marathon: Saturday, October 15 at 5:00 PM.  This is part of our mission as a downtown parish to bring a faith perspective and the light of the Gospel to the great civic events around us.

Pray, please! Finally I would ask you to remember in your prayers tomorrow myself and the 14 young adults in our Ignatian-Spirituality-based Leadership Program (“Contemplative Leaders in Action”) as we kick off the second year for this current cohort with an all-day retreat Saturday, September 10. Remember as well as Julie and our Choir members who will also begin their new season with a retreat this Saturday. As in all the above events, we pray much, so that we might be able to love and serve well!