The Season of Creation is an annual ecumenical time during which we are called by Pope Francis to pray for ecological conversion and act for our common home in multiple ways. This year the theme for the Season is “Listen to Creation”. The symbol for the season is the burning bush. Pope Francis issued his statement for this season in July. You can read the full message by clicking here.

The Green Team will be hosting events each Sunday during the Season. The times and places for each will be forthcoming.

In advance of the season as individuals or families consider that:

The home is one of the first and best places we can adopt a simple and virtuous lifestyle. Nine actions toward this goal could include:

  1. Reducing waste and increasing recycling
  2. Adopting sustainable dietary habits, such as opting for a more plant-based diet and reducing meat consumption
  3. A greater use of public transport
  4. Choosing active mobility like walking and cycling
  5. Avoiding single use items, especially plastic
  6. Discussing together what lifestyle changes you as a family can make to avoid getting caught up in “a whirlwind of needless buying and spending.” (LS 203)
  7. Exploring with one another the ways in which you can live in a good relationship with nature right outside your door
  8. Spending time together as a family in parks, forests, by the seaside, or just observing wildlife
  9. Repairing broken toys and sports equipment instead of throwing them away and buying new ones


Please join the Green Team in the celebration of the Season of Creation.