1. Singing in choir is proven to be an excellent stress reliever.
  2. Choir members get advance notice of what hymns we will be singing every Sunday.
  3. “Those who sing pray twice”.
  4. The choir is first in the Communion line.
  5. Singing improves posture and core muscle tone – can we say New Year’s resolution for exercise?!
  6. Joining choir is a great way to get to know some of your fellow SSPP parishioners and make some new friends!
  7. “Singing elevates the soul, making it “more sensitive to the voice of the Spirit.” – Pope Francis
  8. Studies show that participation in music is good for your mental health, concentration, and memory!
  9. Free music lessons? Our choir rehearsals include lessons in basic music reading and singing technique. It’s like getting lessons for free!

And the top reason to join the SSPP choir?

  1. You get a GUARANTEED seat for our Christmas Eve Mass!

Well as you can see, some of these reasons are a little silly, but they are all true, and they are only just some of the many benefits enjoyed by the members of our choir. If you have been considering joining the choir at SSPP, now is the time! Contact our Music Director Julie by email or just stop over by the piano after mass to chat in person!