Coming Soon to your mailbox!

This community has adapted and responded to the call to be a presence in the City and beyond. This issue is dedicated to being more, doing more and expecting more. Let’s also imagine what more God can accomplish through us if we just stay the course! Our community has persevered; this is not our first pandemic after all! Nor is it the first time we’ve been witness to the City making a comeback in the wake of trials and challenges.  We can do it again!

The Winter issue of LEGACY is full of inspiring stories of parishioners rising to the challenge to stay connected.  Hear testimonials from new parishioners who have found home again after roaming when their parish closed.  Other parishioners share their journey to more through serving in the community and being engaged in parish life in ways they hadn’t planned.

So much MORE!  Check you mailbox…you know, the one at the street or next to your front door.