SSPP – Sustainability Efforts

1) LED Lighting  

An ongoing objective of the Parish Facilities Team is to equip the SSPP campus with LED lighting. LED bulbs are presently installed in the following places:


Hallway sconces, side entrance track lighting, lighting on pillars illuminating side and main altars, vestibule chandelier.

Parish Office area   

Second level:  lighting in restroom at reception area, hanging light fixtures near copy machine, conference room lights.

Loveley Room; Mezzanine  

Second level above Loveley Room restrooms and showers

All recessed lighting installed during 2013 renovation

A study comparing SSPP’s energy consumption using incandescent and fluorescent bulbs to

energy consumption assuming use of LED bulbs, and demonstrating potential cost savings

generated by switching to LEDs, was completed in 2018-19. The analysis showed specific areas

of lighting where the cost of using LED bulbs would be offset by energy cost savings over a short



2)  Building Temperature Controls 

Wireless, wi-fi programmable thermostatic controls of church heating and air conditioning systems were installed in 2018-19.


3)  Windows

Some of the windows on the St. Antoine side of the church were repaired and re-glazed in 2019 to, among other goals, better contain heat and cool air within the church.


4)  Aerators

Aerators were added to restroom and kitchen sinks in the Parish Office area, Loveley Room and to the sacristy sink.


5)  Energy Study    

An energy study was completed by a contractor in 2016. Building & Grounds Committee volunteers implemented simple measures recommended in the study:

Wrapped insulation on selected pipes in Parish Office area kitchen and Loveley Room and added power

strips in the Parish Office area.


6)  System upgrades     

2013 – new heating, air conditioning and ventilation units

2014 – new electrical service

Currently, the Facilities Team and the Green Team are exploring the possibility of converting to solar power.

As you can see, the parish is very committed to sustainability. Perhaps some of the ideas will spur you to make similar changes at home if you have not already done so.

Please remember to sign the Laudato Si pledge if haven’t already.

Prayer for Ecological Justice


Greg Ridella, Facilities Team

Marsha Salley, Green Team