Ss. Peter & Paul Jesuit Church

1st Quarter 2021-22 Fiscal Year Financial Report – July 1, 2021 through September 30, 2021

We are pleased to report a net gain of $13,110  for the first quarter.   The parish is on track towards meeting its Offertory and GIVE Appeal goals.  We’ve also raised all the funds necessary for the purchase of a new piano with fees for space rental for concerts and with donations.  Our Offertory goal for the year was set at $160,875 (excluding Christmas and Holy Days), and we are nearly 25% toward attaining it.  The GIVE Appeal goal of $100,000, our largest fundraising target yet, is 50% achieved.  Meeting these income goals will be essential for the parish as we have filled new ministry staff positions and are devoting resources in an effort to build the parish community.  Although this quarter is positive, we anticipate a deficit this year overall – and while we planned to cover that with our accumulated savings, we need to increase our regular giving to keep the parish ministry on a growth-oriented path.

Here are our financial results:

Special Notes to Income.  The category of Fundraising includes all amounts raised during the GIVE Appeal launched last June 29.  Wedding Stipends are increasing.  More weddings will be taking place at SSPP this fiscal year compared to the last fiscal year, but numbers are still far short relative to those occurring before the pandemic.

Special Notes to Expenses. Costs of Administration and Worship, generally our largest expense components, are within budget.  There are, however, large variances in the other expense categories, some uniquely attributable to first quarter accounting: (i) Plant expenses are nearly double the budgeted amount due largely to  a payment of our annual property insurance premiums ($21,085) , (ii) Evangelization and Christian Service expenses are far below budget because our newly hired Director of  Parish Life did not begin employment until late in the first quarter, (iii) although we have budgeted quarterly for our annual Archdiocesan Assessment, we did not make a payment during the first quarter, and (iv) unanticipated computer purchases for staff members are reflected under Capital expenses.

Moving forward, we ask that you continue making your Offertory contributions using one of several methods available to make giving easy.  We encourage you to reflect on the many blessings you have received in your life and thank God by giving generously to our church.  Please prayerfully consider increasing your weekly offertory amount.  And if you have not already contributed to the GIVE Appeal,  please make your donation to help us achieve, if not surpass, our goal.  Financial contributions to Ss. Peter & Paul Jesuit Church are a fundamental part of the stewardship responsibility we have as parishioners.


Ss. Peter & Paul Jesuit Church

Finance Council