Rebecca will plan and coordinate the social, spiritual, and service events for the parish (such as our fall small groups!) as well as leading the welcome team and the young adult ministry. “I’m looking forward to a lot of things! In the (near) future I’m looking forward to getting a children’s liturgy of the word and catechetic program started. But in general I’m looking forward to accompanying people on their faith and Church journey wherever that may take them, whether that is through RCIA or through a faith formation event or getting really involved with the building and grounds committee.”

Rebecca is a native Michigander! “I grew up in northeastern lower Michigan, right on Lake Huron in Alpena County. I remember coming to the metro Detroit area as a child and wondering what it would be like to live in such a big city with other, slightly smaller, cities around it. My grandfather lived his entire life in Alcona County, the only times he would leave would be to go see a Tigers game in the big city downstate. I think he’d be quite happy to know I walk past the stadium almost every day now.”

“I’ve never been a good runner but one of my greatest hobbies is a long meandering walk. Fun fact, during the summer of 2020, tired of being cooped up in my small apartment waiting for classes to start again, I took to the Chicago lakefront path and over 40 days I walked 370 miles up and down the coast. I presented it as a quarantine pilgrimage and set off to discover if it was the journey or the destination that makes holy pilgrimages so holy. I’m still not quite sure but at least I know I can walk 370 miles. I can’t wait to get to know all of you! Come and find me before or after mass and introduce yourself. Church is a place to gather on Sundays but it is also an active verb, always stretching out into the future. I look forward to creating the future with you.”