After much serious deliberation, we have decided to cancel all parish events and activities EXCEPT SUNDAY MASSES (and Sunday RCIA) from now, March 12, through Wednesday, April 1.

On April 1, we will reassess the situation and communicate further about our schedule of events.  At this time, Holy Week services and other events after April 1 remain on the schedule.


PLEASE, if you are feeling even slightly ill do NOT come to mass.  As one cleric quipped recently, we have been taught that missing Sunday mass is a sin – but in this case, to come to mass when you are ill could be a sin!  If your immunity or overall health is compromised, we encourage you also to remain at home for your own protection.


This was a difficult decision.  Our parish staff and parishioners have already done a lot of work preparing our Lenten programs; everything is ready.  We did not want to deprive people of the spiritual opportunities Lent offers.  But in the end, we believe the protection of public health merits this decision.  It is in line with recommendations of the World Health Organization, the Center for Disease Control, and the State of Michigan.

We are aware that other parishes have also made the same decision.  Yet some may regard this step as premature or as an overreaction.  Why not wait and see if the epidemic becomes more serious and widespread in the Detroit area?  But the point is to take steps NOW to reduce the spread of the illness; once it becomes widespread it is already too late to have a preventative impact.

Some Cancelled Activities:

  • All Sunday after-mass socials and refreshments
  • March 22 Parish Assembly
  • 11:40AM weekday masses (Tue and Wed)
  • Tuesday evening Bible Study (St. Matthew Gospel)
  • Wednesday evening Young Adult Bible Study
  • Other Young Adult activities (Happy Hours, etc.)
  • Friday Evening Lenten Programs:
    5:15PM Stations of the Cross
    6:00PM Talks by Fr. Wright (on Laudato Si’)
    7:00PM Lenten Programs
    Scheduled individual Confessions

We will consider alternate ways of delivering spiritual nourishment during this unusual Lenten season when we are “fasting” in ways we could not have anticipated!