You may have noticed….

…that many of our church windows, all nearly or greater than 100 years old, have had a makeover.  This work is part of an effort that began a year ago to make needed physical improvements, all funded with savings from your past CSA/Annual Appeal contributions and bequests and donations to our renovation fund.

PROJECT                                                                                                        COST

  • Three-phased window renovation                                                   $47,450
  • Digital thermostatic control upgrade                                              $15,950
  • Installation of sound system enhancement                                   $11,394

The Parish Facilities Team meets quarterly to evaluate and prioritize church and building infrastructure needs.  Other projects under its consideration include a conversion to LED lighting and second floor office alterations to optimize spatial use.   A long-term goal is to repaint the church interior.  As an historical building, the church also requires ongoing repair and upkeep.  To this end, contractors are periodically scheduled to service our facility and operating systems at a budgeted annual cost of $17,500. The Building & Grounds Committee also regularly monitors and addresses internal maintenance needs and performs special work projects.