In place of Fr. Wright’s article, he forwarded this link to “A Statement from Christian Ethicists Without Borders on White Supremacy and Racism,” developed by an ecumenical group of Christian ethicists in response to the Charlottesville events.  Our Jesuit Provincial, Fr. Brian Paulson, SJ, is a signatory to this Statement, and just distributed it to all our Jesuit ministries, encouraging us “to share this statement with colleagues and those with whom and for whom we are in ministry as companions of Jesus. To be silent in the face of evil risks being complicit in it.  Let us each discern ways on our campuses as well as in our parishes, retreat houses, other ministries, and local communities to embolden our individual and collective voices for reconciliation and the dismantling of racism.”  Fr. Wright shares the Provincial’s hope that we may “redouble both our prayer and efforts in the service of our individual and corporate conversion of minds and hearts away from the sin of racism towards the beauty and truth that all human beings are made in the image and likeness of God.”

Letter from Fr Paulson on the events in Charlottesville Virginia