July 2016 – At the end of June we celebrated our parish patronal feast of Ss. Peter and Paul with a parish picnic, and with the unveiling our new Strategic Plan, which will help guide us – both staff and lay volunteer leadership – in staying focused on our common mission priorities.  For the sake of those who were not present on June 26, a brief summary of the Plan is found here. It culminates many months of labor on the part of the interim Mission Development Council, a variety of temporary committees last summer, and the new Parish Pastoral Council – on behalf of us all, I want to express my gratitude to them for their hard work.  You may recall the parish listening sessions that were held in November-December of 2014 – all that rich input of ideas and dreams was the raw material out of which the Plan was formed, so it truly reflects the desires and priorities of the parishioners.  Of course now the fun begins, as we strive to implement the ambitious objectives we hope to achieve with the grace of the Holy Spirit moving through us, with us, and in us.  In the fall, we will be publicizing and promoting the concrete ways that each parishioner can get involved and contribute to the work of Christ and his mission.  The Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius Loyola are centered upon this vision of disciples as co-laborers in the mission of Christ.  Let’s go to work!